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Fainting Couch Spa, Gibsons, BC


natural beauty.

Escape everyday life.  We have a seat waiting for you at The Fainting Couch Spa.

Welcome to

The Fainting Couch Spa


We are a boutique Beauty Spa located on Molly's Lane, just steps from Gibsons Harbour. We offer a full range of services in a laid back, relaxing atmosphere. Our Estheticians are highly skilled, and maintain high standards of service, with guest care being top priority. We cater to the individual, immediate needs of each guest, and we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to spa services. We believe that everyone deserves a bit of time for themselves—even if it is just a brief moment.  So come in, relax, and enjoy the many services we have to offer!

Fainting Couch Spa, Gibsons, BC

Sometimes a massage or facial alone just does not cut it. Choose from our variety of spa packages to find what suits your needs of the day.

Fainting Couch Spa, Gibsons, BC

Our Gift Cards can be purchased for any preselected dollar value, sent instantly to your special someone, and used for any of our health or beauty services.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Wonderful relaxing experience. Love my manicure and pedi! I am ready for my vacation. Thanks so much."


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